We live in a DIY culture that has spawned endless television shows and websites dedicated to that very thing: Doing it yourself.

But not everything lends itself to a DIY approach, even if you feel you can accomplish it. 


“You Got This” Versus “Call In a Pro”

Typically, when it comes to installing pavers for your landscape needs, the scope and complexity of the project can determine which approach to take. 

For example, let’s say you simply want to create a rustic-looking walkway from the patio to a flower bed in the backyard. If you are utilizing flagstones set into the earth, this is likely a great project to do yourself. 

A series of large flagstones arranged with large 2-inch to 4-inch gaps at the joining edges can use up to 25-percent less stone than with close-fit methods. This makes installation simple and reduces the cost of material needed. 

Bricks can be added as a border to help hold the flagstones in place and to visually define the walkway. For a finishing touch, you can place bark or crushed granite around the flagstones, then sweep them off.

Easy peasy!

But what if you want something a bit more sophisticated and substantial? Doing it yourself requires that you consider a number of important factors first. 


Paver Design

Knowing what type of paver project you want to build – and what you envision it will look like – doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to make it a reality.

Part of the challenge is determining the types and quantities of materials needed as well as how the installation should be done. Mistakes or oversights made when designing your project can be costly during the installation phase.



Determining what a do-it-yourself patio project will actually cost you can be tricky. Once you know how many pavers you’ll need, that part of your cost is pretty straightforward. But you also need to factor in the cost of sand, mortar, bordering material, and items like leveling string, spacers, and wood for framing. And don’t forget delivery costs for the pavers and other bulk materials, as well as buying or renting tools and equipment. 


Paver Installation Tools

Speaking of tools, for a DIY installation of any kind of pavers, you not only need special tools, you need to know how to use them properly. This can mean using a vibrating plate compactor and some type of tool for cutting pavers when needed. This means a proper hammer and chisel to score or cut into pavers, or a circular saw with a concrete blade.

And, as we mentioned already, any tools you don’t already own will have to be purchased or rented, if possible. 


Labor Costs

Although doing it yourself means not paying someone to do it, it also means you have to do it all. Your time has value, as well, and a large paver installation can take a long time if you can only give it a few hours a week. 

In addition, it is not easy work. The average patio paver may not be that heavy, but repeatedly moving and adjusting the hundreds of pavers often needed for even a small patio can be both tiring and potentially dangerous.


Just Because You Can Doesn’t Always Mean You Should

Pavers саn bе a beautiful way tо іnсrеаѕе thе functionality of your yard and they’re a grеаt орtіоn fоr patios, wаlkwауѕ, and driveways that will last a lіfеtіmе and add value to уоur hоmе.

For some homeowners, hiring a professional installer for a paver project is a no-brainer. If you know or even feel that you either don’t have the requisite skill set – or desire – to do it yourself, then it’s best not to attempt to.

If, on the other hand, you are highly confident that you could pull it off, then it becomes a question of time and resources. The truth is that paver installation is certainly not brain surgery and the average homeowner is likely quite capable of creating his or her own hardscaping. 

However, if you hire a reputable contractor that specializes in patio pavers, you’ll know what the project will cost before any work begins and can be confident that the final result will be done right, relatively quickly, and professionally.


Your Local Guide for Residential Pavers and Installation

Your walkways аrе among the fіrѕt оf your hоmе’ѕ fеаturеѕ that people will see, and pavers аrе a beautiful wау tо spruce up your раtіо landscaping or walkway. 

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