Water Features

Bring Your Outdoor Area to Life
With Our Stunning Water Feature Designs

Northview Landscaping offers our clients a range of amazing and high-quality landscaping and design services. Some of the most popular of our services include water feature design and installations. With the right water feature, you can transform your garden, start conversations, and enjoy beautiful bird life right on your doorstep!

Attract the Right Attention

If you’re interested in attracting different species of birds and butterflies to your garden, then a water feature is a fantastic way to do that.

Create A Talking Point in Your Garden or Patio Area
Just like any other work of art, a unique water feature is great way to start new conversations as well as share your unique personality and style as a part of your home.

Raise the Value of Your Home
All the love, care, and customization you invest into your home returns tenfold when you work with professional landscape architects who know how to maximize your space, use existing features to your advantage, and create high-quality and long-lasting water features like ponds, fountains, and bird baths.

Installing a water feature can bring new life to your home garden
Professional installation of a water feature

How It Works

  • Call Us
    Our professional landscape architects are ready and waiting to answer your call and any questions you might have about how to re-do your garden or patio with a new water feature.
  • Tell Us What You Want
    Your input and vision are what drive us, which is why we want to know more about what you imagine for your perfect water feature. Is it a small yet beautiful fountain? Or is it a picturesque pond filled with indigenous water plants that attract amazing birds?
  • Let Us Plan
    Before we get started, we’ll need an in-depth and detailed plan that takes your existing plumbing, layout, and budget into consideration. All of these factors influence the duration, cost, and complexity of bringing your vision for your water feature to life.
  • Give Us Some Time
    Once our plan is perfectly in place, we’ll start sourcing the materials, planning our approach, and visiting your property to start working. You can be sure that our professional landscape architects will see to it that your yard, patio, and property are respected throughout the entire process.
  • Enjoy Your New Water Feature
    Now that everything is set, you’re free to marvel at your beautiful new water feature. If you encounter any issues, although not likely, please reach out to us as soon as possible and one of our professional landscape architects will see to it.

Get in touch with the pros today!

Bring Your Garden to Life

Water is life! So, let us help you create a more vibrant, calming, and interesting outdoor area with a stunning and high-quality water feature that you’ll love looking at. For more information on our rates, services, and turnaround times, feel free to reach out to our team of professional landscape architects now!

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With the right water feature, you can transform your garden, start conversations, and enjoy beautiful bird life right on your doorstep!/p>

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