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Northview Landscaping are full-service Sonoma County Landscapers located in Windsor, CA. We work side by side with each client to create custom, beautiful, and timeless landscapes using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our goal is to construct a landscape that fulfills all of our client’s desires while being mindful and protective of existing site conditions and elements.

We have had the honor of working with many homeowners who are getting their landscaping rebuilt after the fires seasons that afflict Sonoma County. We have put together some tips for homeowners getting things going again that we hope you will find useful.

New Home Landscaping:

Tips & Ideas for Santa Rosa Residents

The landscape development process

It’s been a long journey since the Tubbs Fire of 2017. Santa Rosa residents especially bore the brunt of the damage, with approximately 2,800 of the 5,700 destroyed buildings falling within city limits. However, nearly 2 years later, homeowners have begun to take back their homes and rebuild, often on the same property.

As seen in the Coffey Park neighborhood, construction and general contracting has been in full swing to get people back to where they belong. But now that many have a roof and four walls, what can be done about their yards? We’ve compiled some tips and ideas for how to get started on turning bare lawns into beautiful landscaping and gardening to match your new home.

  1. Be Inspired

This is easily the most fun step in the process. For online resources, Pinterest is a treasure trove for design inspiration, ranging from simple gardens to elaborate water features. In real life, take a drive down some local neighborhoods for some local inspiration, as well as reaching out to family and friends who have landscaping you admire. This will also help you see a variety of ideas, as well as better understanding their challenges and any paperwork involved.

  1. Check for Permits

Northview Landscaping | Premier Walkway LandscapingAfter you have a few ideas of what kind of new home landscaping you’d like to do, it’s time to research what permits are needed to turn your backyard dream into a reality. For Santa Rosa residents, both the Sonoma County website and the City government have put together a great list of resources during rebuilding, including what steps must be taken to legally complete lawn projects. As well, partnering with the right landscaper will make the paperwork portion of the process much easier to understand and accomplish.

  1. Determine a Budget

How much does landscaping cost for a new home? This is entirely based on your budget, which is why it’s so important to determine up front what you are willing to spend. This great guide by Landscaping Network helps break down how to determine the potential cost for these type of projects, as well as inspiration for what can be achieved at different price points.

  1. Choose a Landscape Contractor

Northview Landscaping | Sonoma County LandscapersBetween the sheer number of new houses in need of landscaping and the limited number of contractors, it’s important to do some research to make sure that who you hire offers professional-grade work. There are various ways to find out more information. Start with local references from neighbors and friends, then dig into online reviews on Google, Facebook, and other websites. Reach out to those who pique your interest and compare their quotes. Choosing and working with a quality Santa Rosa landscaper like Northview Landscaping helps make a difficult time less stressful and helps your new house feel more like home.


Our Services


Landscape Architect

We are proud to partner with Olga Stritar of Artistic Garden Designs to offer landscape architect services.

Drought Resistant Garden Design

These designs cater to those that would like a decorative area with little maintenance involved.

Irrigation System Installation

We help our customers attain efficient watering systems for their outdoor gardens, lawns, trees, decorative plants, etc.

Plant Installation

As landscaper, I always have in mind the full growth of the plants and trees before planting them in their desired placement.

Sod Installation

Although more people are inclined towards low-maintenance yards, clients still enjoy their lawn or a great play area.

Paver Patios and Walkways

Hardscapes and walkways are designed with the foot traffic and visual elements in mind. Each has its own benefits.

Decorative, Natural Walkways

A natural walkway consists of less foot traffic and a more natural design that is pleasing to the eye. 

Artificial Grass Installation

Having artificial grass is a long-term investment that allows you to benefit from a maintenance-free yard.

"We just had Juan and his excellent crew perform an amazing job on installing a raised bed garden (70'x20') complete with a watering system, and a pave stone patio (25'x35') in our backyard.Juan and his crew were prompt, courteous, considerate, and focused.Needless to say we are very satisfied with the results, Thanks Juan and Crew!"

Kurt Vanderwolk

"Juan and his team did an excellent job for me, cleaning up both my front and back yards. It was nice to know that I was working with a licensed landscape contractor!!!"

Kathleen Rhodes

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