Every commercial building is a showcase.

Whether the site is visited by customers or clients, or simply serves employees only, your building – and its landscape design – represent the physical “face” of a business.

While the architecture of the building is important for making a positive impression, the landscape design is equally critical as it often serves as a “stage” for the building itself.

Which is why landscape design is important for a business – including yours.


Benefits of Commercial Landscape Design

According to one blogger

“Every business owner wants to strengthen their company’s image. With a well-maintained landscape, you can achieve that message. Commercial landscaping is one way to help your company to retain existing clients and attract new ones. In addition to that, a professional landscape can help you to create a relaxing and beautiful working environment for your employees.

There are several intangible benefits of having great landscape design for your commercial site. 

Here are a few:


Add More Space and Increase Morale

Incorporating patios, seating areas, and various types of benches can provide perfect locations for customer meetings or for working on team projects. In addition, attractive and accessible outdoor areas can give employees spaces for taking “mental breaks” from the office and spending some time outdoors.


Increase Employee Productivity and Retention

According to a post from Klausing Group, 

“Employers that include green infrastructure on their properties and give employees exposure to nature can help combat mental fatigue, and improve work performance and satisfaction, according to a study by the University of Washington, Green Cities: Good Health.”

Improve Security and Add Property Value

Landscape design that allows for open, visible entry and exit areas, and plenty of lighting – both decorative and functional – provides increased security for both employees and customers. In addition, a well-designed and maintained landscape adds tangible value to a property.

Attract More Clients

An attractive landscape design is a passive, yet powerful way to make an impression on visitors and others who may be driving by. It creates a perception of your company’s image and many people are much more inclined to do business with a firm that has a well-designed and maintained landscape.

Remember – perception is powerful and it conveys a sense of reality to the observer. Great landscape communicates that you care about your services or products.

Adds to Your Eco-Friendly Efforts

Most all businesses are making strides to become more eco-friendly, reduce their carbon footprints, and protect the environment. A professionally designed commercial landscape can achieve all of this, while also incorporating indigineous and local flora, low-water use plantings, and low-maintenance ground cover.

For example, well-placed trees and other elements to shade can increase the efficiency of your cooling system by 2 to 4 percent or more, which leads to lower energy bills.

Greenery Provides Privacy

As one firm has noted,

“Some businesses are situated in places where it’s beneficial to have some screening between the building and the street or an adjoining business. Plants and trees can do wonders in filtering out visible and audible pollution and creating an oasis for your business.”


Why Getting Professional Commercial Landscape Design Matters

Why Commercial Landscape Design is Important For Your Business

Even if your place of business is situated on a relatively small outdoor space, designing, and planning attractive, functional, and complementary landscaping is not for everyone. And, if your building sits on an expansive stretch of property, that task is probably beyond the skill set of anyone on your staff.

Professional landscape design for commercial properties is a must-have for serious business owners and property managers looking to improve or renovate their existing landscape. That’s when you need the services of a reputable landscape architect.

For commercial property design, a landscape architect will help create walkways or features designed to minimize congestion and facilitate a steady flow of foot traffic. If your property is prone to drainage issues, for example, a landscape architect can suggest ways to make adjustments to your outdoor environment that will prevent ponding or flooding.

In addition, Millionacres notes that,

    • A landscape architect can also help if your outdoor space contains a lot of uneven land. In that case, a professional might recommend leveling a portion of your property and constructing a retaining wall around it.
    • A landscape architect can help you maximize that space. That could include building retaining walls to create defined sections within that space, constructing a gazebo or pergola, or putting up a tree line for privacy.
    • A landscape architect should also be called in if your outdoor space is prone to droughts or is at risk of being hit with wildfires.
    • A professional can help you identify plants and shrubs that are more likely to thrive in dry environments and can plant them strategically to ensure that they thrive.


Expert Help for Your Commercial Landscape Design

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Get ready to create more value with your beautiful new outdoor space!

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