Lawns need watering.

Unless you live in Hawaii or some other special place where nature keeps the lawn grass perpetually green and lush. For the rest of us, keeping the lawn alive – and green – means watering it ourselves. 

However, as most homeowners know, watering is not only time consuming, but it can be ineffective if it’s not done correctly. The good news is that an irrigation system can take the work out of watering, do a far more efficient job of it, and is a popular addition to homes around Sonoma County and elsewhere.


Irrigation System Installation: A Good Investment

There was a time when automatic irrigation systems were mostly found on golf courses and sports fields or were agricultural tools that farmers used. No longer. Today, automated irrigation systems are a common fixture in the landscapes of commercial properties and in many residential yards, as well. 

But that wasn’t always the case.

Homeowners with yards of almost any size have traditionally relied on manually watering their lawns to keep them green and healthy. Most of us can recall “playing in the sprinkler” as kids, with the trusty, old rotating sprinkler, and hose that dad (or mom!) had to keep moving around. 

Playing in it was fun. Constantly repositioning was not. 

One source noted that, 

“For many people, sprinklers are no longer cutting it, and individuals are turning to irrigation systems to meet their needs. No matter the size of your outdoor space, an irrigation system can improve the overall quality of landscaping.”

And, while that is true, there are other advantages to investing in the installation of an irrigation system. 


4 Benefits of an Irrigation System Installation

Why You Should Invest in Irrigation System Installation

There is far more to be gained with a professionally installed irrigation system aside from not having to water your lawn yourself. 


1. Convenience

Watering by hand or even using a stationary or rotating above-ground sprinkler to water your lawn means scheduling and taking up significant amounts of your time. It’s generally agreed that the best time to water your lawn or landscaping is between four and ten in the morning. That’s not a great time for most people to have to be doing the watering.

However, with an irrigation system, your watering will automatically start and stop as scheduled. In addition, you no longer have to plan around your watering schedule. An automated system allows you to sleep in, if you can, or even go on vacation without worrying about your yard getting watered while you’re gone. 


2. Watering Efficiency

Sonoma County is known for its variety of microclimates and, depending on your climate and soil condition, your lawn may need from half an hour to an hour of watering once a week or so. However, over or under-watering can lead to an unhealthy lawn. This can be resolved with an irrigation system. And a professionally designed and installed system will direct water efficiently while reducing run-off.


3. Water Conservation and Savings

By reducing the amount of water you use on your lawn and landscaping you save not only water but decrease your water bill. This can easily be accomplished by investing in an irrigation system. In fact, there are studies that have found that as much as seven percent of water run-off is due to inefficient manual watering.  Installing an automated irrigation system can reduce or even eliminate water waste.


4. Curb Appeal

Eliminate unsightly hoses and sprinklers with sprinkler heads that are only visible when in use and retract neatly out of sight when they’re not. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system will mean a healthier and attractive lawn, which is important for enhancing the “curb appeal” of your home if you are thinking of selling sometime.

And one online article pointed out the potential added home value of an irrigation system,

“Because these automated systems provide homeowners with many benefits, the value of your home is likely to rise due to the investment. If you decide to sell your home, a professional, automated irrigation system can add significant value, and there’s a good chance it will more than pay for itself. Curb appeal is a critical factor to consider while selling your home, and a beautiful landscape can help improve the exterior appearance of your home.”


Even Automated Irrigation Systems Require Care

Like many other tools and systems, we make use of, an irrigation system is not an “install it and forget it” feature. There are some upkeep and performance concerns that must be taken into consideration after you have decided on investing in a professional irrigation system installation.

For example, automated does not mean it sets itself. It’s necessary to monitor your system’s settings to maintain optimal watering. In addition, like any other mechanical system, there will be some maintenance required each spring and fall to ensure proper operation. 

The biggest weakness of irrigation systems is the sprinkler heads, which can be damaged or wear out and cease functioning properly. Lawnmowers and kids are common culprits for broken sprinkler heads, but age and exposure to the environment will take its toll over time. and system components can wear or malfunction over time.

A larger repair issue can be caused by subterranean pests that can damage water lines. Roots from trees and other large plants can also create problems with water lines and sprinkler head connections underground. 

While not a repair or maintenance issue, the effectiveness of your property’s automated irrigation system can be hindered by the weather. Despite precision placement and optimum scheduling. your water can be blown off course and even severely dissipated by wind. And there is always the issue of trying not to have your system running during unexpected rainfall.

Ultimately, for many property owners, investing in irrigation system installation is a winning solution.


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