The demand for artificial grass has been skyrocketing over the past few years. According to experts, the market for artificial turf stood at $3.20 billion in 2017, with a possibility of reaching 4.45 billion by 2022. What has triggered so much growth?

Over time, the industry has innovated advanced manufacturing techniques that produce high-quality turf cost-effectively. People have also come to terms with the long term economic and environmental benefits of artificial grass.

Besides pitches, synthetic turf has become more widespread in landscaping today, replacing natural grass in many public spaces and neighborhoods. It’s not uncommon to find it on lawns outside commercial and residential premises.

Would you like to know why people are buying synthetic turf instead of growing natural grass? Here are five reasons.

  1. Less Maintenance

chairs assembled on beautiful green lawn One of the most indisputable benefits of artificial grass is that it demands minimal effort. Installing the turf and looking after it is not as demanding as growing sod or grass seed and maintaining the lawn. Once you lay the turf in place, your job going forward will be to sweep leaves and debris occasionally.

Forget about mowing, weeding, and watering, which you will be your routine when you have natural grass. You don’t have to worry about the grass overgrowing while you away. You will create more time for yourself to do your favorite activities, like playing with your kids or barbequing in the yard.

  1. No Watering, No Water Bills

Water is a precious commodity that we must conserve. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, 785 million people live without a simple drinking-water service. The situation is not getting any better. WHO projects that 50 percent of the global population will be in water-stressed regions by 2025.

A considerable amount of water goes to keeping the country green. A typical sports field in North America, for instance, can consume 500,000 to a million gallons of water per year. But what happens if you don’t water your lawn? It will acquire that disgusting straw-like color or dry up in the hotter months.

Water costs money, and it’s sometimes unavailable. Even when you have it, watering can be tedious and time-consuming. By laying artificial grass in your compound, you will circumvent the job and save water, money, and time.

  1. Artificial Turf Is Environmentally Friendly

We are used to natural things being more environmentally friendly than synthetic products. However, routine maintenance of natural grass has more adverse effects on planet earth than artificial turf.

We’ve already explained why we need to conserve water. Gas-powered lawn mowers emit toxic elements in the atmosphere when trimming grass. To keep a natural lawn healthy and free of weeds, you need herbicides and pesticides.

These chemicals seep through the soil or drain into waterways, posing a threat to living organisms. They pollute the environment and compromise the health of people and animals.

Conversely, sweeping an artificial lawn with a broom is enough upkeep. The material is long-lasting, and recycling plants will be happy to repurpose it when dilapidated.

  1. Enhanced Playground Safety

If overused, fields covered with natural turf lose grass and form potholes. Continued use during the dry season or in the rain accelerates the deterioration. Such a pitch can turn rock-hard and uneven, hence unsafe for play. Schools can reduce the risk of children getting hurt by laying artificial turf.

Similarly, you will have fewer worries at home when your children and pets are playing on high-quality synthetic grass. You can install soft foam pads beneath the turf to cushion your loved ones if they fall.

  1. Convenient for Rental Homes

Landlords and tenants often disagree over the maintenance of grass lawns on rented property. Residents can be reluctant to water the yard for fear of high water bills. Others are not happy with mowing or hiring a gardener to work on a lawn they don’t own.

All the same, property managers won’t tolerate unkempt yards and gardens. Homeowners can eliminate disputes related to gardening by laying synthetic turf over their lawns.

Wrap Up

Synthetic turf offers more advantages than natural grass. If you care about water bills or live in a neighborhood frequented by water shortages, artificial grass is the way to go. The product requires less labor to install and maintain.

It’s also friendly to the environment. It doesn’t require chemicals, and it’s recyclable. Finally, artificial turf provides more safety to sportspeople and children than natural grass. Contact us for more information.