A home is more than just four walls and a roof, as any proud homeowner will tell you. Both the interior and exterior beauty of the house matters and sometimes a nice lawn just isn’t enough. When considering garden design plans though, some quick online research can provide many ideas with no advice on how to recreate these designs. If you are interested in taking your yard to the next level, working with a professional landscape architect can help turn your Pinterest inspiration into a beautiful, long-lasting reality!

What Matters for Contemporary Garden Design

It may seem easy to create beautiful landscaping, but the trick is to have your garden live beyond a few months. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when selecting and planting flowers, shrubs, and trees to ensure that they will thrive.

  • Climate and Location

Living in Sonoma County, you understand that the winters are wet and the summers dry. Picking out the right plants that can withstand this type of environment, whether they be native or from similar climates, is essential. There are great resources online to help you learn what vegetation works best.

  • Environmental Impact and Water

Another aspect to living in Sonoma County is the threat of drought. Rather than planting nothing but water-thirsty plants that will shrivel during these dry periods, research what species live better in arid conditions. You’ll be helping the environment and your wallet by using less water.

If there are certain flowers or trees that you’d love to have but are greedy with their water needs, a professional landscaping company can take that into account for your overall garden design plan. Not only will they properly plant these species but help ensure that these plants thrive even during a drought.

  • Soil Type

This is a little harder to determine for the average homeowner. Working with a landscape architect will help ensure that the dirt in your yard can support the right type of plants.

As well, they can provide recommendations to help improve your soil quality over time for an even more luscious garden.

  • Sun or Shade

While your home may be naturally sunny or shady, you can use your garden design plan

to create the perfect amount of lighting for your space. After you determine whether you want more sun in your life or desire some cooler spots in your yard, a professional landscaper can then help select the right plants that will help achieve your backyard vision.

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Choosing the Right Landscape Architect

The majority of people are not plant experts and that’s OK! Rather than trying to do it yourself, hiring experienced Sonoma County landscape architects takes all the guesswork out while ensuring a beautiful result. Your garden design plans can become a reality with some up-front research and working with the right partner!